Fire Department Current Apparatus

Chief Truck

2020 Chevy Tahoe

Deputy Chief Truck

2014 Chevy Tahoe

Engine 42

2008 American LaFrance Eagle with a 2000 GPM center mount pump, 750-gallon water tank, 35-gallon foam tank & pre-connected hydraulic rescue spreaders and cutters.

Rescue 42

1998 Pierce Saber with a 1250 GPM center mount pump, 750-gallon water tank, 30-gallon foam tank, pre-connected hydraulic rescue spreaders, cutters, and combi tool.

Squrt 42

1995 Pierce Dash with a 2000 GPM side mount pump, 750-gallon water tank, 50-gallon foam tank, and 54' articulating waterway.

Tac 42

1993 Ford Super Duty 4 Wheel Drive with 250 GPM pump, 250-gallon water tank, and 25-gallon foam tank.

Tower 42

2019 E-One, 100' Platform, 2000 GPM pump, 500-gallon water tank.

Tanker 42

1980 Four Guys Auto Car with 3000-gallon water tank, 500 GPM pump, and 3000-gallon portable pond.

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